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This section is still a work in progress. Libraries are under active development, and this material may not reflect the latest changes. Please view the primary code-repositories and look out for our release announcements soon.

To start using remote services such as IPFS pinning, Bucket sharing, and Thread APIs, you'll need an account on Textile. Textile provides a simple, password-less account setup. You can create a new account by logging in with your valid email address for the first time.

textile login
Enter your email:█
> We sent an email to Please follow the steps provided inside it.

Go to your inbox and look for the verification email and follow the instructions inside. After complete, your terminal should output a confirmation:

✔ Email confirmed
> Success! You are now logged in. Initialize a new project directory with `textile init`.

That's it, you can now start using Textile, IPFS, and Threads.

Create a Team

By default, you'll be on your own in Textile, you'll probably want to create (or join) a team before you start building.

textile teams add <new team name>
Switch to Team

To use your new team, you need to use the switch command to select your newly created team.

textile switch
Use the arrow keys to navigate: ↓ ↑ → ← 
? Switch to: 
  ▸ (current)
  <new team name> 
Invite another member to your team
textile teams invite
Enter email to invite:█
> Success! We sent an invitation to the new team.
Join a team

If someone else has already created a team for you to join, you'll receive an invite email. Simply follow the instructions in the email to join and use the new team.

List your teams
textile teams ls
NAME                ID
<new team name>     f62cdc2b-9404-40ed-8467-ea804fcc35f1

> Found 2 teams
Create a Project

Teams on Textile may create different Projects. Projects are useful to organize resources or user groups in your app. Creating a new one is simple.

First, navigate to the directory where you'd like to build your project,

mkdir txtl-project
cd txtl-project/

Next, tell Textile to create a project in this directory. Similar to Git, Textile will create a simple config file in this directly under, .textile/config.yaml.

textile projects init my-new-project
> Success! Initialized empty project in /Users/me/txtl-project/.textile

Because you are have switched to your team, this project should now be available to other members of your team also.