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This section is still a work in progress. Libraries are under active development, and this material may not reflect the latest changes. Please view the primary code-repositories and look out for our release announcements soon.

Textile accounts can use Buckets, a tool that makes it simple for you to pin files to IFPS. The files you pin can be used as part or all of the interface to your dApp. You can think of buckets much like you might already think of buckets on S3 (or if you aren't familiar, just think of them as folders). As an extra bonus, if any bucket you create contains an index.html file, Textile will host the bucket as a web site at https://<bucket-name> Read on to see an example.

Push files

To start pinning files in your Textile project, use the push sub command. You can push a single file to a bucket or an entire directory, in which case all contained files and directories are pushed recursively. All paths will be created if they don't exist and you can use push repeatedly to keep adding more files to a bucket.

Here, we push files for a static web site to a bucket called aaron:

textile buckets push public/* aaron
Add 44 files? Press ENTER to confirm: █
> Pushing mySite/public/404/index.html to aaron/404/index.html
9.87 kB / 9.87 kB [--------------------------------] 100.00% 78.69 kB p/s 0s
> Pushing mySite/public/404.html to aaron/404.html
9.88 kB / 9.88 kB [--------------------------------] 100.00% 260.14 kB p/s 1s
> Pushing mySite/public/app-b1262bbd5ce4afcb17ea.js to aaron/app-b1262bbd5ce4afcb17ea.js
98.14 kB / 98.14 kB [--------------------------------] 100.00% 307.59 kB p/s 0s
> Pushing mySite/public/ to aaron/
390.09 kB / 390.09 kB [--------------------------------] 100.00% 376.47 kB p/s 1s
> Pushing mySite/public/chunk-map.json to aaron/chunk-map.json


> Success! Pushed 44 files to aaron

Inspecting a bucket

You can list the files in a bucket or at any depth in the bucket, similar to listing files locally on your computer:

textile buckets ls aaron/icons
NAME                SIZE    DIR     ITEMS   PATH                                                                         
icon-144x144.png    9130    false   n/a     /ipfs/QmSe8nSJsAW7eJXvMP5gYM6TCkuyJKeU8MusHs2kVBdFMZ/icons/icon-144x144.png 
icon-192x192.png    12422   false   n/a     /ipfs/QmSe8nSJsAW7eJXvMP5gYM6TCkuyJKeU8MusHs2kVBdFMZ/icons/icon-192x192.png 
icon-256x256.png    16837   false   n/a     /ipfs/QmSe8nSJsAW7eJXvMP5gYM6TCkuyJKeU8MusHs2kVBdFMZ/icons/icon-256x256.png 
icon-384x384.png    29004   false   n/a     /ipfs/QmSe8nSJsAW7eJXvMP5gYM6TCkuyJKeU8MusHs2kVBdFMZ/icons/icon-384x384.png 
icon-48x48.png      2813    false   n/a     /ipfs/QmSe8nSJsAW7eJXvMP5gYM6TCkuyJKeU8MusHs2kVBdFMZ/icons/icon-48x48.png   
icon-512x512.png    22446   false   n/a     /ipfs/QmSe8nSJsAW7eJXvMP5gYM6TCkuyJKeU8MusHs2kVBdFMZ/icons/icon-512x512.png 
icon-72x72.png      4425    false   n/a     /ipfs/QmSe8nSJsAW7eJXvMP5gYM6TCkuyJKeU8MusHs2kVBdFMZ/icons/icon-72x72.png   
icon-96x96.png      5926    false   n/a     /ipfs/QmSe8nSJsAW7eJXvMP5gYM6TCkuyJKeU8MusHs2kVBdFMZ/icons/icon-96x96.png   

> Found 8 items

Pulling files

Use the buckets pull command to download files from a bucket to your computer. You can pull an entire bucket, a sub tree of a bucket, or a single file.

textile buckets pull aaron/icons/icon-512x512.png ./
> Pulling aaron/icons/icon-512x512.png to icon-512x512.png
22.45 kB / 22.45 kB [--------------------------------] 100.00% 818.35 kB p/s 0s
> Success! Pulled 1 files to ./

Removing files

The buckets rm command is used to remove files or directories from a bucket. Once a bucket is empty, the root bucket directory is deleted and will no longer appear in the list of buckets output from textile buckets ls.

textile buckets rm aaron/aaron.txt
> Success! Removed aaron/aaron.txt

Accessing on

You can access the latest version of the files in your bucket (without needing to know any CID!) at<project name>/<bucket name>. Of course since the data is all stored in IPFS, it's also available over<CID>. The CID for any Textile bucket or bucket sub directory is listed at the top of the corresponding page and in the output from textile buckets ls.

Hosting web sites in Buckets

Any bucket that contains an index.html file will be hosted as a web site at https://<bucket-name> In the textile buckets push example above, we pushed files that make up a static web site to a bucket named aaron. That web site is automatically available (with TLS!) at

Read more about hosting websites in Buckets here.

Updating Buckets with CI

Buckets can be managed as part of your CI workflows. Read more about updating your Buckets in CI here.