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Textile peers have a built in mechanism for certain types of network-wide queries. In order to support both cafe and cafe-less search, this mechanism uses a combination of direct peer-to-peer and publish-subscribe messaging.

Search responses will usually come from cafe peers. However, any peer on the network can respond to a query.

Search with a cafe

If they have any registered, peers will send queries to their cafes, which are usually connected to a larger portion of the network. Cafes publish search queries on behalf of their clients. Results are more easily sent to always-online cafes, which are then streamed back down to the client peer.

Search without a cafe

When not registered with a cafe, peers will publish queries directly to the network. Responding peers will publish results to the requesting peer's ID-based pubsub topic.



See textile contacts search --help or check out the tour section on contact search.


Thread search is currently limited to account peers searching for each other's snapshots. This functionality is the backbone of account sync.


Check out the threads v2 roadmap for some coming functionality around public-facing thread search.