Textile Connectors are use-case specific configurations that allow developers easy onboarding of their data structures into the Textile ecosystem. Deliver archiving, sync, sharing, collaboration and data interoperability for all your users. If you've already read the Tour of Textile, everything contained in Textile Connectors should already be familiar.

Here are a few of the ingredients that make up connectors.

  • Textile peers, for handling the grunt work of encryption, identity, and coordination.
  • Cafes, for offloading storage and processing to trustless servers in the cloud.
  • Apps, this is where you come in, for embedding peers and connecting to cafes.
  • Threads, for sharing interoperable data structures across peers, cafes, and apps.

In this section, we'll walk you through the instructions for how to use each type of connector in Textile, starting with photos. We have been actively developing the Images & Media connector and others (Documents & Notes, Tasks & Todos, Invoices, and Analytics) are close behind.

You can reach out to us anytime on our Slack, grab an appointment with one of our engineers, or send us an email inquiry.