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Welcome to the Textile documentation. Whether you are an expert or an absolute beginner, you'll find your answers here. Pick a starting point below, or use the search box to find documents matching your keywords.

Textile is designed to connect and extend Libp2p, IPFS, and Filecoin. Below, you'll find the technologies that makeup Textile: the Hub, ThreadDB, Buckets, and the Powergate. Together, these tools should help you build apps that are only limited by your imagination!

The Hub

The Hub is a portal to the IPFS network. Use Textile's managed services to persist your data on the IPFS network, enhance the speed and availability of your decentralized databases, and more. The Hub has APIs for developers and teams to push data to the network and it has developer libraries to provide remote IPFS pinning in your apps or simplify the deployment of our decentralized database, ThreadDB.

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Buckets are a new way to pin data to IPFS and archive data on Filecoin. Buckets are dynamic folders published simultaneously over IPFS, IPNS, and HTTP. Buckets are designed to make it simple for you to create folders of data and push that data to remote IPFS peers for backup, persistence, or sharing. They can be encrypted or public, they can be single or multi-user, and they can be used from the CLI or with the Go or JavaScript libraries.

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ThreadDB is a secure, decentralized, p2p database built on IPFS and Libp2p. Developers use ThreadDB so they can spend less time configuring encryption or managing content addresses, instead ThreadDB allows them to start building right away. A familiar MongoDB/Mongoose API and simple data hosting services make dynamic data on the DWeb easy!

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Filecoin Powergate

The Powergate is just warming up! The Powergate is an API driven solution to deploy hybrid Filecoin and IPFS storage into your stack. If you are eager and want to jump right in, follow one of the links below.

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Other Resources

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To all of the great people who have contributed to the Textile projects recently.