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Textile provides encrypted, recoverable, schema-based, and cross-application data storage built on IPFS and libp2p. We like to think of it as a decentralized data wallet with built-in protocols for sharing and recovery, or more simply, an open and programmable iCloud.

The network

We believe that future technology can be built around a new model of data ownership where individuals have total agency over the information they create.

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What can you do with it?


  • Build decentralized storage and sharing applications. See Textile Photos.
  • Build better ways for users to manage their private information. See AirSecure.
  • Build chat apps, website publishing services, health apps, family tools, and more. Got an idea, get in touch.


  • Choose or federate your own backup and service peer (cafes) and still participate in the whole network.

Take the tour

Whatever your use-case may be, the tour of Textile is great place to start.

Install Textile apps

Integrate into your apps

Client SDKs or HTTP clients available for integrating Textile into your mobile, desktop, and web applications:

Run a cafe peer

Cafes are easy to deploy & manage (single executable, Docker). Setup your own cafe here.

Other Resources

Join our public Slack, visit our GitHub, follow us on Twitter, and check out the Blog!