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Admin APIs

Powergate includes some administrative APIs. They allow the caller to:

  • Create and list users
  • View wallet addresses
  • Send FIL
  • Show information about jobs and data across all users managed by the Powergate node.

Admin Auth Token

Powergate's backend server may be configured with an admin auth token to restrict access only to clients that provide the token with their requests.


Be sure to set the admin token correctly in your client of choice.


Note that if you're running Powergate using a local dev net, there is no admin auth token set by default, so you don't have to provide it.

In the case of the Powergate CLI, pow, the admin token can be provided with the --admin-token flag, or by setting the POW_ADMIN_TOKEN environment variable.

CLI Usage

We can get a quick overview of the pow admin API below:

➜ pow admin --help
Provides admin commands

  pow admin [command]

Available Commands:
  data         Provides admin data commands
  storage-info Provides admin storage info commands
  storage-jobs Provides admin jobs commands
  users        Provides admin users commands
  wallet       Provides admin wallet commands

      --admin-token string   admin auth token
  -h, --help                 help for admin

Global Flags:
      --serverAddress string   address of the powergate service api (default "")
  -t, --token string           user auth token

Use "pow admin [command] --help" for more information about a command.

As an example, you can create a new user by running:

export POW_ADMIN_TOKEN=<admin token value>
➜ pow admin user create
  "user":  {
    "id":  "57b2f476-cc6f-4063-a8cb-d07652742722",
    "token":  "2ddab280-8ba7-4579-8026-04573fc8d0f5"