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hub buck init

Initializes a new or existing bucket.

A .textile config directory and a seed file will be created in the current working directory. Existing configs will not be overwritten.

Use the '--existing' flag to interactively select an existing remote bucket. Use the '--cid' flag to initialize from an existing UnixFS DAG. Use the '--unfreeze' flag to retrieve '--cid' from known or imported deals.

By default, if the remote bucket exists, remote objects are pulled and merged with local changes. Use the '--soft' flag to accept all local changes, including deletions. Use the '--hard' flag to discard all local changes.

hub buck init [flags]


      --cid string    Bootstrap the bucket with a UnixFS Cid from the IPFS network
  -e, --existing      Interactively select an existing remote bucket if true
      --hard          Discards all local changes if true
  -h, --help          help for init
  -n, --name string   Bucket name
  -p, --private       Obfuscates files and folders with encryption
  -q, --quiet         Write minimal output
      --soft          Accepts all local changes, including deletions, if true
  -y, --yes           Skips the confirmation prompt if true


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