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Accounts Overview

The Hub is the fastest way to start building and experimenting on Textile technologies. It provides hosted Buckets and Threads with persistent IFPS endpoints. It includes developer accounts for individuals and organizations and API keys integration into apps.


Textile is still under heavy development and no part of it should be used before a thorough review of the underlying code and an understanding APIs and protocols may change rapidly. There may be coding mistakes, and the underlying protocols may contain design flaws. Please let us know immediately if you have discovered a security vulnerability.

Please also read the security note for go-ipfs.


To get started, you'll be using the Hub client. The layout of the Hub CLI mirrors the services available, for example:

  • hub threads provides limited access to ThreadDB.
  • hub buck provides access to Buckets.
  • hub keys create and expire API keys.
  • hub orgs lets you create multi-developer organizations for collaboration.

Once you've setup an account on the Hub, you can start accessing those resources right away. Additionally, you can use the API keys to grant restricted access to your Hub resources to the end-users of your own apps and services.


  • Developers: You. You are a primary account owner. You can create new API keys, create and join new Organizations, and access admin APIs. You can create your own Buckets and Threads. You can use the CLI with your account do all the mentioned.
  • Organizations: You and your collaborators. Members can share admin control of API keys. Members can share access to and synchronize Bucket state across all members. Referenced through docs as simply, Org.
  • Users: Accounts generated by your apps using a User Group API key. Your app can create Threads and Buckets owned by these users. These users can then add or remove content from those assets based on their identity. They cannot use the CLI and cannot create new API keys.


Each entity above has its own quota no matter which role it is (Developer, Org, or User). If these limits are not enough for you, or if you need to talk to us about a custom account, you can reach us at

Developer quotas
Max Threads Per Owner 100
Max Buckets Per Thread 10000
Max Buckets Size 4GiB
Max Account Size 4GiB

Install & Create Account

The Hub is API driven and available through the command-line tool and developer libraries. To use the Hub, first you need to download the command-line interface and create an account.

Next steps