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The Hub is no longer accepting new accounts. For those that already have an account setup, please contact us at, or check your email for deprecation details and account information.


Pay only for what you use.

API Pricing Free Limit Cost
Storage 5 GiB $0.03 per GiB per Month
ThreadDB Reads 50,000 per Day $0.01 per 10,000
ThreadDB Writes 20,000 per Day $0.02 per 10,000
Network Egress 10 GiB per Month $0.1 per GiB

Storage includes all data pinned to IPFS. It does not include archives you submit to Filecoin.

Grace Period

Billing starts on any account the first time they go over any Free Limit.

When an account triggers billing for the first time, they enter a 30-day grace period in which they should complete the billing setup on their account.

Billing can be set up on an account at any time by using the Hub CLI:

hub billing --help

Other Quotas

Each entity above has its own quota no matter which role it is (Developer, Org, or User).

Max Threads Per Owner 100
Minimum Filecoin Deal Size 32 MiB